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Protecting Workers' Health Series No. 1
Preventing health risks from the use of pesticides in agriculture

By Antonella Fait, Bent Iversen, Manuela Tiramani, Sara Visentin, Marco Maroni

Preventing health risks from pesticides in agriculture cover

The application of pesticides on crops is necessary to prevent unacceptable losses of the agricultural production. However, their use may pose health risks to the farmers and pesticide workers, often as a consequence of improper or careless handling.

This booklet is written to give advice on how these health risks can be reduced. It gives a short introduction on pesticides and labelling/classification systems, a description of how exposure may take place and information on related health problems. It also provides practical advice on proper working procedures for mixing/loading, application, transportation, storage and disposal of the pesticides.

The document is published with the intent to promote health and safety of workers engaged in agriculture. It is targeted for use by workers all over the world, especially for those countries still under development where agriculture is the main source of sustenance and technology. The document is also meant to serve as a tool to help health professionals and pest managers in promoting safe working procedures.

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