Occupational health

Protecting Workers' Health Series No. 7
A practical guide for the use of research information to improve the quality of occupational health practice

Edited by Jos Verbeek and Frank van Dijk

The guide aims at developing skills in:

  • asking relevant questions that originate from professional practice
  • reformulating questions from practice in such a way that it results in the capability of looking for an answer in scientific or evidence-based information sources, for example recently updated manuals, guidelines, journal articles or high quality websites.
  • performing a focussed search on Internet in the Medline database using the PubMed search engine
  • globally appraising the value of scientific articles found with regard to reliability and relevance to the question asked
  • formulating an answer to the question, based on the information found, and applying this in practice.
  • presenting the result to colleagues, for example in the context of a clinical audit or journal club.

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