Guidelines for stopping mass drug administration and verifying elimination of human onchocerciasis

Criteria and procedures

WHO/Department of control of neglected tropical diseases

Publication details

Editors: Dr T. Ukety/Onchocerciasis
Number of pages: xvi, 44 p.
Publication date: January 2016
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 151001 1
WHO reference number:


Following the publication of Guidelines on certification of elimination of human onchocerciasis in 2001 by the World Health Organization (WHO), these are the first evidence-based guidelines developed by NTD Department according to the international standards.

They provide a set of recommendations that would guide national programme managers in collaboration with their respective oversight committees on when to stop mass drug administration (MDA) and conduct post-treatment surveillance (PTS) activities for a minimum period of 3 to 5 year before confirming the interruption of transmission of Onchocerca volvulus parasite and hence its elimination.

They also include steps to undertake for verification of elimination of transmission of the parasite in the whole endemic country by the International Verification Team (IVT) prior to the official acknowledgement by WHO Director General.


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