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CAMHADD / WHO workshop on prevention and promotion of oral health through schools

The Bangalore Declaration is now available here. In collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and R V Dental College and supported by Srinivasan Services Trust

Meeting participants
Meeting participants

Bangalore declaration

The burden of oral disease is growing in several developing countries particularly due to transition in diet, nutrition and lifestyles. Many children in developing countries suffer from pain, discomfort and lack of appropriate oral health care. Oral health is an integral part of general health and essential to quality of life. In light of the pattern of oral disease among children in Asia there is an urgent need for systematic school oral health programmes for promotion of health and effective control of oral disease. Programmes should be based on the approach of the World Health Organization’s Health Promoting Schools Initiative, focusing on promotion of health, disease prevention and provision of essential oral health care according to the socio-cultural conditions of the country.

Participants of the CAMHADD/WHO global workshop on "Prevention and promotion of oral health through schools", which took place 27-28th January 2005 in Bangalore, India, call upon national authorities in health and education to ensure implementation of school-based oral health programmes for children. Established school health programmes should be strengthened and give emphasis to risk factors common to oral disease and chronic diseases and health promotion.

Participants of the CAMHADD/WHO workshop on prevention and promotion of oral health through schools reaffirm the 2003-declaration on school oral health, at the Second Asian conference of oral health promotion for school children at Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Bangalore, 28 January 2005
CAMHADD Workshop co-sponsored by the World Health Organization
Venue: R.V Dental College-Bangalore, India