Oral health

Oral Health in HIV/AIDS update

WHO co-sponsored conference on oral health and disease in HIV/AIDS

Phuket, Thailand, 6-10 July 2004

Oral manifestations of HIV infection are growing disease burden in several regions of the world. HIV/AIDS are significant public health problems in developed and developing countries and affects particularly countries of Africa and Asia. The WHO Oral Health Programme gives priority to action programmes which increase control of oral diseases in HIV infected people and initiatives leading to improved quality of life. Prior to the XVth International AIDS Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 11-16 July 2004, the 5th World Workshop on Oral Health and Disease in AIDS was held in Phuket, Thailand, from 6-10 July 2004. The workshop was co-sponsored by the World Health Organization.

The importance of oral health in HIV/AIDS was analysed by the more than 150 researchers and public health administrators during this global conference, focusing on biologic, clinical and public health aspects of HIV infection. The conference programme included presentations and workshops on current perspectives in epidemiology and management of HIV disease; pathogenesis of HIV and vaccine research; oral lesions in HIV/AIDS; collaborative research and funding mechanisms; identification of health care needs in children and adults; management of oral diseases, prevention and health promotion, and the interrelationship between oral health and general health.

The participants of 27 countries unanimously issued the Phuket Declaration (attached) and encouraged national and international health authorities, dental associations and research institutions to strengthen their efforts for the effective control of HIV/AIDS.

The WHO Oral Health Programme is committed to work for inter-country exchange of information and experiences in prevention of oral lesions related to HIV infection and health promotion. The WHO Oral Health Programme has designed tools for epidemiological investigations of oral lesions in HIV/AIDS and instruments are provided for surveillance of oral health and disease in HIV infected population groups.


The conference declaration is available in English and French