Oral health

Global data on incidence of oral cancer (maps)

Our knowledge on prevention and treatment of cancer is increasing, yet the number of new cases grows every year. Oral cavity cancer is amongst the most prevalent cancers worldwide and incidence rates are higher in men than women.

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For more information please download the file below, a Global Data on Incidence of Oral Cancer Map which overviews the global oral cancer burden.

The use of tobacco, including smokeless tobacco and excessive consumption of alcohol are the prominent risk factors in oral cancer (re: Global Facts on Tobacco or Oral Health). The 58th World Health Assembly Resolution on Cancer Prevention and Control (WHA58.22, 25 May 2005) urged Member States to develop and reinforce cancer control programmes, prioritizing preventable tumours and risk factors intervention. The article published in Community Dent Oral Epidemiol 2005; 33: 397-9 further emphasizes the global challenges in oral cavity cancer prevention.

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