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This page contains a list of related WHO oral health publications, documents and articles on Oral Health published by specialized journals which can be selected by title in alphabetical order, and conference products and meeting reports listed in reverse chronological order. Please visit this page for regular news and updates on the work of the WHO Oral Health Programme.

Future Use of Materials for Dental Restoration - Report of the meeting convened at WHO HQ, Geneva, Switzerland (16th to 17th November 2009)

Milk fluoridation for the prevention of dental caries

Policy for Prevention of Oral Manifestations in HIV/AIDS: The Approach of the WHO Global Oral Health Program

Awareness of HIV/AIDS and its oral manifestations among people living with HIV in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Illness-related behaviour and utilization of oral health services among adult city-dwellers in Burkina Faso: evidence from a household survey

Oral and general health behaviours among Chinese urban adolescents

Changing use and knowledge of fluoride toothpaste by schoolchildren, parents and schoolteachers in Beijing, China

World Health Organization global policy for improvement of oral health – World Health Assembly 2007

Dental caries prevalence and risk factors among 12-year old schoolchildren from Baghdad, Iraq: a post-war survey

WHO Bulletin special theme on oral health

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WHO Bulletin special theme on oral health

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