Oral health

Salt fluoridation – an alternative in automatic prevention of dental caries

International Dental Journal (2005) 55, 351-358
T. M. Marthaler, Zurich, Switzerland
P.E. Petersen, Geneva, Switzerland


Despite great improvements in terms of reduced prevalence and amount of dental caries in populations worldwide, problems still persist particularly among the underprivileged groups of both developed and developing countries. Research and practical experience gained in several countries have demonstrated however, that dental caries can be prevented effectively through establishment of fl uoride programmes. Water fl uoridation, salt fl uoridation, milk fl uoridation and use of affordable fl uoridated toothpastes play the major roles in public health. The present paper outlines the relevance and some practical aspects in relation to implementation of salt fl uoridation programmes. The World Health Organisation Oral Health Programme provides technical assistance to countries in the process of planning, implementing and evaluating salt fl uoridation projects.


Oral health priority action area