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Chemical safety

  Technical activities

The WHO Programme for Promotion of Chemical Safety forms the Central Unit of the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS), a joint activity of three cooperating organizations: WHO, UNEP and ILO.

IPCS activities on poisons information, prevention and management have the aim of promoting chemical safety:

  • by establishing and strengthening poisons centres;
  • through the development and provision of harmonized information and tools for monitoring, collecting and reporting information on poisonings.

Poisons centres can be a point of reference for patient safety issues.

There is significant variation in the number and capacities of poisons centres around the world; improvements are needed in many regions of the world. A World directory of poisons centres - Yellow Tox, World Directory of Poisons Centres (unpublished document available on request) has been compiled listing the poisons centres in over 80 countries (www.intox.org/firstpage.htm). In the context of the plan of action agreed at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development(please check exact title of conference) (UNCED), governments all around the world committed themselves to establishing and strengthening poisons centres.


- The international programme on chemical safety

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