Patient safety


WHO Patient Safety campaigns

A core part of WHO Patient Safety work is related to our Global Patient Safety Challenges. These Challenges are international campaigns which bring together expertise and evidence on important aspects of patient safety and formulate recommendations to ensure the safety of patients receiving care globally.

WHO Patient Safety works to make these recommendations widely available and provides tools to implement the recommendations in a variety of health-care settings worldwide.

There are currently two Global Patient Safety Challenges. You can read more about these by accessing the links below.

  • Clean Care is Safer Care
    The first Global Patient Safety Challenge works in partnership with the health communities throughout the world and other related organizations to ensure that sustainable hand hygiene improvement remains on the international and national health agendas.
  • Safe Surgery Saves Lives
    The goal of the second Global Patient Safety Challenge is to improve the safety of surgical care in all health-care settings. The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist improves compliance with standards and decreases the incidence of complications.