Patient safety

Patient Safety Curriculum Guide: Multi-professional Edition

The Expert Working Group meeting on the 'Patient Safety Curriculum Guide: Multi-professional Edition' took place on 10 October 2010 in Paris, France, and was hosted by ISQua. The meeting was chaired by Professor Bruce Barraclough and technical discussions were guided by Professor Merrilyn Walton.

The experts discussed the updated multi-professional edition of the Curriculum Guide and achieved a consensus on the evidence-based content suitable for use in the training of all health professionals around the world. The meeting also discussed the processes of dissemination and evaluation of the updated version of the Curriculum Guide.

Issues discussed at the meeting include:

  • Multi-professional content of the updated Curriculum Guide;
  • Inclusion of case studies;
  • Cross-professional collaboration for global dissemination;
  • Strategies for implementation and evaluation;
  • Launch of the WHO Patient Curriculum Guide: Multi-professional Edition in early 2011.