Patient safety

Multi-professional Patient Safety Curriculum Guide

What is the Curriculum Guide?

Patient safety is not specific to one health profession; all health professional learning should include patient safety competencies. The 2011 WHO Multi-professional Patient Safety Curriculum Guide was developed to satisfy this demand for a single coordinated approach, pulling individual strands of work from health-care professionals into a systems-based, team-dependent approach, to ensure patient safety learning is delivered in an integrated way.



How was the Curriculum Guide developed?

The development of the Multi-professional Curriculum Guide built upon the content of the 2009 Patient Safety Curriculum Guide for Medical Schools. A working group comprising experts from international professionals as well as student associations in dentistry, medicine, midwifery, nursing and pharmacy, and from the six WHO Regions reviewed the medical school’s Curriculum Guide and revised it to produce a multi-professional curriculum guide in patient safety.

How can the Curriculum Guide be used?

The Multi-professional Patient Safety Curriculum Guide is used for the education of undergraduate and postgraduate health-care professionals in patient safety. Written with a global audience in mind and in language easily understood, the Curriculum Guide was designed for flexible use. It can be adapted and incorporated, in part or in whole, into existing university curricula, taking into account the different requirements of varying health-care professions' undergraduate curricula, national and culture-specific context and available resources. Its topic-based approach facilitates inclusion in health-care education programmes of varying duration, and allows local institutions to decide which topics require greatest attention for each health-care profession in their area. The patient safety topics are designed to be embedded within existing education programmes, rather than requiring allocated blocks of valuable education programme time.

What does the Curriculum Guide contain?

The Curriculum Guide is divided into Part A which provides practical support and guidance to educators on how to deliver the patient safety topics described in Part B. The 11 patient safety topics of Part B cover a wide range of contexts in which learning can occur. Educators can choose topics to introduce into their curricula as guided by institutional requirements, resources, and their capacity. A number of different educational approaches are suggested for each topic.