Patient safety

2004 events

First International Consultation on Hand Hygiene in Health Care Settings

3 December 2004 - Geneva, Switzerland
Global Patient Safety Challenge for 2005-2006: Clean Care is Safer Care
The Consultation examined a number of existing WHO and other international and regional strategies and guidelines in the areas of hand hygiene and infection prevention.

Intercountry Consultation for developing a regional strategy For Patient Safety in the Eastern Mediterranean Region of WHO

27–30 November 2004 - Kuwait
The Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office and the Executive Board of the Health Ministers' Council for Gulf Cooperation Council States organised an intercountry consultation for developing a regional strategy for patient safety in region.

The Launch of the World Alliance for Patient Safety

27 October 2004 - Washington DC, USA
The World Health Organization has launched the World Alliance for Patient Safety in October 2004. The main objective of the Alliance launch was to sustain political momentum and strengthen commitment of interested countries, current and potential agencies, and many other partners on the critical role of safety in health care.

International Workshop on "Methodologies for estimating patient Harm"

18–19 October 2004 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The World Alliance for Patient Safety convened a two day meeting around the theme "research methodologies to estimate patient harm in developing and transitional countries". The meeting took place within the scope of the 2004 ISQua Pre-conference, in Amsterdam. Representatives from a large number of countries attended the meeting, including delegates from 12 developing and transitional countries, leading international researchers from the field of patient safety research, other ISQua delegates and WHO officials.

Alliance Day

18 September 2004 - Shanghai, China
The first Alliance Day for the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety took place on 18 September in Shanghai after the WPRO Committee meeting.

Poland Meeting

26 July 2004 - Poland
WHO supported the Polish Ministry for Health and the Polish Society for Quality Promotion in Health Care in raising the profile on Patient Safety and considering the need for a National strategy when Sir Liam Donaldson made a keynote speech in the role of the World Alliance recently in Krakow.

Irish meeting on Patient Safety

23 June 2004 - Ireland
A unique event was hosted by the Irish Royal College of Surgeons, the Irish Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare and WHO on 23 and 24 June. The event focused in patient safety in Ireland and enabled a group of international experts to advise WHO on the priorities that the new alliance should consider.

WHA technical briefing on patient safety & the establishment of a global alliance

20 May 2004 - Geneva, Switzerland
A very sucessful briefing took place at the Palais des Nations on Thursday , as part of the 57th World Health Assembly.

International consultation on hospital—acquired infections

26–28 April 2004 - Venice, Italy

WHO Forum for Government Chief Nurses

13–15 May 2004 - Geneva, Switzerland