Patient safety

Workshop on Methodologies for Medical Records Review

4-8 December 2005
Cairo, Egypt

The WHO Office for the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO) organized a five day training workshop on methodologies for medical records review, in collaboration with WHO headquarters and the WHO Office for the African Region (AFRO). The workshop aimed to provide in-depth training in the principal methodologies and organizational aspects to conduct retrospective studies on the prevalence of adverse events in hospital care. Participating teams were from Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen from EMRO, and Kenya and South Africa, from AFRO. Country teams included clinical nurses and medical records specialists, clinical physicians, epidemiologists, research specialists and ministry officials.

Dr. Ross Wilson, Director of the Center for Health Care Improvement of the Royal North Shore Hospital; Sydney, Australia, led the workshop, and Ms Sisse Bjorn Olsen, Clinical Research Fellow, of the Department of Biosurgery and Surgical Technology, at Imperial College, London, UK; provided methodological guidance. Dr. Ahmed Abdullatif, Coordinator of Health Systems in EMRO, coordinated the proceedings with the support of his team.

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