Patient safety

Patient Safety Summit

28-30 November 2005

Patient safety is a key theme in UK's Presidency of the European Union (EU). The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) hosted a Patient Safety Summit on 28-30 November 2005 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London.

The Director General of WHO, Dr LEE Jong-wook participated at the Summit and welcomed a pledge of £ 5 million per year from the United Kingdom to support global efforts to improve patient safety. The UK's contribution to the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety is key to helping the Alliance deliver its objectives and build global momentum to improve patient safety. It will be used to build on existing efforts and work by the Alliance in six major areas and to develop new work programmes.

The Patient Safety Summit was the highlight of the patient safety strand of the 2005 UK Presidency of the European Union. Over the course of three days, more than 500 policymakers, experts, clinical leaders and patient advocates met together in London. Led by Sir Liam Donaldson, an interactive programme of international and European speakers exposed participants to the latest ideas in areas such as education for patient safety, research tools and innovations from the safety work of other industries. A powerful message of the Summit was to hear directly from patients who themselves or through their family had been seriously harmed by health care. Despite their tragic experiences, many of these people are now working in partnership with health care providers to ensure that care for future patients is much safer.

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Patients for Patient Safety Workshop

27-30 November 2005 - Patients and consumers of health care are at the very centre of the quest to improve the safety of patient care; when things go wrong, they, and their families are the ones who suffer from any harm caused. The WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety aims to develop an international network of patients and patient organizations active in raising awareness of patient safety and the importance of patient involvement. As a first step in making this a reality, the World Alliance hosted a Patients for Patient Safety Workshop with around 25 patients and patient advocates from around the world on 27 - 30 November in London. The workshop run in conjunction with the UK Presidency of the EU Patient Safety Summit.

The workshop helped to establish a group of champions from around the world who are committed to patient involvement and to develop a shared statement for this work. A major focus of the workshop was to discuss partnerships and opportunities for greater patient involvement in patient safety.

Launch of the WHO Draft Guidelines for Adverse Event Reporting and Learning Systems

29 November 2005 - At the Summit, the World Alliance for Patient Safety also launched the new Draft Guidelines for Adverse Event Reporting and Learning Systems. The guidelines are being made available worldwide to facilitate the development of new and improved reporting systems for patient safety . The primary importance of reporting systems is to learn from experience and mistakes, and to use these results as a basis for implementing preventive action in the future. The Alliance efforts in this area facilitate the compilation and interpretation of international data on adverse events for early detection of potential problems and sharing of results to ensure that solutions are developed. The draft guidelines aim to support countries to select, adapt or modify the recommendations to improve their reporting. The guidelines will undergo modification over time as experiences accumulate.