Patient safety

Canada participates in the Global Patient Safety Challenge 2005-2006 and signs statement to address health care-associated infection

Vancouver, Canada
20 October 2006

The Global Patient Safety Challenge 2005-2006 "Clean Care is Safer Care" was inaugurated in Canada on Friday 20 October 2006, as part of the Halifax 6: Canadian Healthcare Safety Symposium that took place in Vancouver, Canada, 19-21 October 2006. The Halifax 6 Symposium continued the tradition as Canada’s premiere meeting of individuals and organizations with a desire to improve patient safety and enhance the overall quality of health care systems – by better understanding how problems evolve, and influencing and implementing policies and practices that contribute to improved patient safety. Sir Liam Donaldson, Chair of the World Alliance for Patient Safety presented a keynote speech on the purpose of and key programmess delivered by the WHO Alliance.

Following Sir Liam's presentation, Dr. David Mowat, Deputy Chief Public Health Officer with the Public Health Agency Canada announced Minister Celment's commitment to improve patient safety by handing over a signed ministerial statement pledging Canada's participation in the Global Patient Safety Challenge. At the invitation of WHO, Health Canada committed to implement actions to reduce the spread of health care-associated infection.