Patient safety

Inauguration of the Global Patient Safety Challenge "Clean Care is Safer Care"

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
4 December 2006

As part of the three-day International Congress on Infectious & Tropical Diseases and the GCC Conference on Infectious Diseases &Infection Control in the capital of Oman, 4-7 December 2006, the Minister of Health, Dr Ali bin Mohammed bin Moosa, pledged to take action on health care-associated infection in Oman.

Opening speeches to an audience of 500 participants were given by GCC (States) Executive Officer Dr Tawfiq Khoja , Regional Director, WHO/EMRO Dr Hussein Gazairy, Congress Chairman Dr Ali Jafer Mohammed, Chair of Scientific Committee Dr Mohammed Al Hosni, and Secretary Dr Salah Al Awaidy . The central event of the inauguration was the signing of a statement committing to address health care-associated infection. In the name of the Ministry of Health , Dr Ali bin Mohammed bin Moosa signed the statement, and resolved to work to reduce health care-associated infection and promote the highest standards of practice and behaviour to reduce the risks associated with these infections. The Sultanate of Oman thus became the 5th EMRO country to have signed the statement. Professor Didier Pittet who presented on the Global Patient Safety Challenge received the signed statement on behald of the World Alliance for Patient Safety.