Patient safety

Launch of the Global Patient Safety Challenge "Clean Care is Safer Care"

Madrid, Spain
15 November 2006

The launch took place at the University Carlos III, Leganés, Madrid as part of the two-day International Conference on Patient Safety 15-16 November 2006. Over 800 participants including policy-makers, health care providers and managers from Spain and representatives form South American countries witnessed the signing of a statement by Minister of Health Elena Salgado, pledging to address health care-associated infection.

Following the presentation of the statement to Sir Liam Donaldson, Chair of the World Alliance for Patient Safety, the audience heard his keynote address on the vision and programmes of the Alliance, including real life stories of patients who have suffered harm during health care. Professor Didier Pittet, Leader of the Global Patient Safety Challenge gave a keynote presentation on this programme, including technical aspects of its implementation in countries.