Patient safety

Meeting on the Affirmation of Malaysia's Commitment to the WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge 2005-2006

Putrajaya, Malaysia
15 May 2006

The Global Patient Safety Challenge of the World Alliance for Patient Safety was inaugurated in Malaysia on May 15, 2006, as part of a national meeting on infection prevention and control. The Minister of Health, Hon. Dato' Dr Chua Soi Lek, affirmed Malaysia's commitment to leading improvements in the prevention of health care-associated infection. In his opening statement, Dato' Dr Chua Soi Lek said " Safer healthcare delivered through safe, clean hands is an important initiative, which I believe all members, at all levels of the healthcare system will subscribe to and support".

Professor Didier Pittet, leader of the Global Patient Safety Challenge participated at the event and delivered a speech on the impact of health care-associated infection and "Clean Care is Safer Care".

In 2003, Malaysia established the Patient Safety Council and many quality improvement initiatives that target patient safety. One of these initiatives is the development and implementation of the infection control programme of Malaysia.