Patient safety

Research for Patient Safety: Annual Meeting of the Advisory Council

1 May 2007

The second Advisory Council for Research meeting was hosted at the Headquarters of the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ), in Rockville, MD on 1 May 2007. Dr David Bates, Research Programme External Lead, and Dr I. Larizgoitia, lead of the Research programme of the World Alliance for Patient Safety, summarized the achievements of key initiatives implemented in the first year which included setting research priority areas, analyzing effective and appropriate methods and measures, setting directions to building capacity for patient safety research and fostering and facilitating research networks and collaboration. Active involvement of key experts and partner institutions as project leaders to bring in expertise and ensure political support and collaboration with WHO Regional Offices were considered instrumental to the success of the programme.

The Council endorsed the collaborative approach currently being employed, encouraged an active policy of research dissemination and recognized the importance of regional and country cooperation. The meeting concluded with the Council approving the proposed work plan for 2007-08 and providing constructive suggestions for future programme implementation.

The Advisory Council for Research was established by the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety with the mandate to provide overall guidance to its research programme. Created in April 2006, the Council is currently chaired by Dr Carolyn Clancy, Director of AHRQ and has approximately twenty members, representing some of the main constituencies of patient safety and global health research. The Council meets once annually to review achievements, draw lessons for the future and discuss and approve the work plan for the near future.