Patient safety

Priority setting for research on patient safety

1-2 February 2007

Research in general, and research on patient safety in particular, is a costly and resource-intensive exercise. Because of the complexities inherent to resource allocation for research, the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety has established a concerted discussion around priority setting for research on patient safety. The meeting on "Priority setting for research on patient safety" took place in Geneva 1-2 February 2007.

The goal was to obtain an ordered menu of opportunities or objectives for research on patient safety that may be used by research funding and commissioning institutions in the world. They may also be used by research institutions and health policy-making bodies as a guidance for resource allocation. The World Alliance intends to outline a process for research priority setting which could be used at country level to respond to country-specific needs for patient safety research. The discussion was led by Dr David Bates who is Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, USA and involved up to 20 world experts and WHO staff. The group submitted their recommendations at the end of the two day meeting.