Patient safety

Meeting of the Drafting Group for the International Classification for Patient Safety

8 June 2007

The meeting of the Drafting Group finalized the Project Plan for phase 2 of the work for developing the International Classification for Patient Safety (ICPS) and the feedback report on the Delphi consultation.

In late 2005, the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety initiated work on an international patient safety taxonomy. The ICPS aims to define, harmonize and group patient safety concepts into an internationally agreed upon classification in a way that is conducive to learning and improving patient safety across systems. It is intended to be adaptable yet consistent across the entire spectrum of health care and across cultures and languages.

The 1st phase of the project is now complete. The high level achievements of the first phase include:

  • establishment of a core technical group (known as the Drafting Group) to provide technical advice on the classification structure, coverage and content;
  • development and documentation of a preliminary high level conceptual framework for the ICPS along with concepts and terms;
  • design and implementation of a web based modified Delphi survey to solicit widespread stakeholder feedback on the preliminary ICPS;
  • ongoing refinement of the ICPS in the light of this feedback.

Efforts have been made to ensure that the ICPS will add value to systems currently in use in various countries, map easily to existing systems with relatively low resource expenditure, capture both adverse event and near miss data; and be sensitive to cultural and linguistic issues.