Patient safety

The fifth National and second International Health Quality Forum

20-21 September 2007
Mexico City, Mexico

The fifth National and second International Health Quality Forum took place at the María Isabel Sheraton Hotel, located in one of the most vibrant areas of town, "The Financial City". The Forum gathered Ministers of Health and Ambassadors from eight Latin American countries, directors of the most important health institutions of Mexico, academics and health professionals working in the areas of quality and safety in healthcare.

Opening speeches to an audience of about 1000 participants were given by Dr. José Angel Cordova, Minister of Health, Dr. Adolfo Martínez, General Coordinator of the Science Consultative Council, Sir Liam Donaldson, Chair of the World Health Organization - World Alliance for Patient Safety and many others.

On September 21st the country group launch of the First Global Patient Safety Challenge "Clean Care is Safer Care" took place at the renowned National Anthropology Museum at 17:00 hrs. In the presence of about 300 senior level participants, the Mexican Minister of Health Dr José Ángel Córdova, hosted a ceremony together with seven other Ministers of Health or the representatives from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. The eight Ministers of Health or their representatives signed a statement pledging to take action on health care-associated infection in their countries, in the presence of Sir Liam Donaldson, Chair of the World Alliance for Patient Safety.


Senior participants at the Forum and launch event will include:

Dr. Pedro Saturno, University of Murcia, Spain
Dr. Alberto Colina, Representative of the Ibero American Foundation for Quality Management
Dr. Rafael Lozano, Director of Information in Health at the Ministry of Health, Mexico
Dr. Javier Barroso, National Association for the Study of In-Hospital Infections
Dr. Patricia Uribe, National Gender Equity and Reproductive Health Center
Dr. Odet Sarabia, Ministry of Health, Mexico, Leader Of the National Patient Safety Project
Dr. Rogelio Fernández, Mexican Association for the Rational Use of Medication
Dr. Elsa Ladrón de Guevara, University of Veracruz
Dr. Francisco Hernández, National Medical Arbitration Comisión
Dr. Juan Fabregat Amercan British Cowdray Hospital
M.D. Carlos Arteaga National University of Mexico
Dr. Gladys Faba, Argentinian Coordinator Center of the Cochrane Ibero American Network
Dr. Carlos Campillo, Psychiatric Care Services, Ministry of Health
Dr. Javier Dávila, Mexican Social Security Institute
C.A. César Chavira, Public Function Ministry
Dr. Miguel Lezana, Director of Quality and Education in Health