Patient safety

2007 Steering Group meeting, London, United Kingdom

Geneva, Switzerland
22-23 October 2007

The steering group, responsible for prioritizing solutions based on their potential impact and strength of evidence, met on the 22-23 October 2007 at WHO headquarters in Geneva, to discuss:

  • the status of the project;
  • five Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs);
  • approval of Impact Evaluation Methodologies;
  • implementation issues.

The Action on Patient Safety: High 5s initiative seeks to leverage the implementation of five standardized patient safety solutions that would have broad impact in preventing catastrophic adverse events in health care.

The following solution areas have been selected as the focus of the High 5s initiative to be implemented over five years in at least seven countries. The process will help build an international learning network for sharing of knowledge and experiences. The selected five solutions areas are:

  • Managing Concentrated Injectable Medicines;
  • Assuring Medication Accuracy at Transitions in Care;
  • Communication During Patient Care Handovers;
  • Improved Hand Hygiene to Prevent Health Care-Associated Infections; and
  • Performance of Correct Procedure at Correct Body Sites.