Patient safety

EMRO Regional Patients for Patient Safety Workshop

26-28 March 2007

This was the second of the planned workshops that Patients for Patient Safety is undertaking across all 6 of the WHO geographic regions. Held in Cairo 26-28 March 2007, this event brought together 30 participants from 8 countries within the Eastern Mediterranean region. The event created a network of consumer champions in the Eastern Mediterranean who are actively engaged in contributing their experience, wisdom and knowledge to improving patient safety. The meeting culminated in several discussions around the topic of patient safety with particular emphasis on the engagement of patients in shaping the healthcare system.

Over the course of 3 days the country ‘teams’ made up of patients, health professionals and policy makers, shared experiences, told their personal stories, offered learning and best practice and developed action plans and strategies in line with the vision laid out in the London Declaration. The commitment participants made offers a real opportunity to bring patient voices into the patient safety work in the region and to bring patient safety to the forefront of the health agenda. This meeting was characterized by a flavour of passion, compassion and courage.

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