Patient safety

2010 Steering Group meeting, Geneva, Switzerland

17-18 March 2010
Geneva, Switzerland

The High 5s Steering Group meeting took place on 17-18 March in Geneva, Switzerland, and was hosted by the WHO.

The Steering Group meeting saw the participation of representatives from the lead technical agencies (LTAs) of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America as well as from the WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, and WHO Patient Safety programme. The meeting heard updates by LTAs and progress achieved by the four High 5s subcommittees: Evaluation and Event Analysis; Learning Communities; Publications; and Communications.

The LTAs provided an update on hospital participation, national High5s meetings and traning workshops, coordination of training and information-sharing on Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) and implementation in participating hospitals; lessons learned from pre-testing the protocols and implementation challenges. Requests for adaptation or revision of the standardised protocols were made to the Steering Group, and there was a detailed discussion on the applications of the culture survey. Recommendations were made by the Publications, Communications, and Collaborative Learning Committees for the development and dissemination of future products to support LTAs and participating hospitals with national coordination and implementation of High 5s project activities.

Issues that were addressed at the meeting include:

  • Country experiences and lesson learned from pre-testing of the SOPs
  • Evaluation framework: agreement by LTAs on issues related to data quality management, data collection, culture survey and event analysis;
  • Agreement by LTAs on the process of requesting adaptations or revisions of SOPs;
  • Committee updates: Discussion of guidelines for publication, future learning communities' needs and strategies, development of communication products;
  • Review of the High 5s project collaborating agreement;
  • Discussion on SOPs dissemination;
  • Participation by new countries including developing countries.