Patient safety

2011 Steering Group meeting, Hong Kong, China

12-13 September 2011
Hong Kong, China

The High 5s Steering Group meeting took place on 12-13 September 2011 in Hong Kong, China, and was hosted by the WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety.

Representatives from the lead technical agencies (LTAs) of Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Trinidad & Tobago and the United States of America, as well as from the WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, and WHO Patient Safety programme participated in Steering Group discussions over the two days.

The Steering Group meeting in Hong Kong welcomed the participation of Trinidad & Tobago in the High 5s international collaboration. All High 5s countries shared their experiences, challenges and lessons learnt in implementing the Standardized Operating Protocols (SOPs). Detailed discussions on event analysis, culture survey, medication reconciliation and correct site surgery were also held. The meeting accepted the principles of the two event analysis methodologies and agreed that event analysis should be started after three months of performance measurement data have been collected. Updates on international publications and quarterly newsletters related to the project were also shared with the group.