Patient safety

Mbeya, Tanzania – North Cumbria, England

Mbeya Referral Hospital, Tanzania is partnering with North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, England.

Mbeya Referral Hospital serves the whole of the Southern Highlands Region of Tanzania, near the Malawi and Zambia borders. It is a tertiary hospital with 6.2 million people in its catchment area, annual admissions of 27 375 patients and 477 beds. Its 684 staff members including 92 doctors and 251 nurses carry out a wide range of medical services including psychiatry, intensive care and emergency care.

North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust provides acute hospital services from 2 hospitals in Carlisle and Whitehaven. The Trust employs over 4 000 people and serves a population of 340 000 in the surrounding area. The Trust uses the “Patient Safety First” campaign to embed a culture of safety in their organisation.