Patient safety

APPS action for improvements

“We need to act now. We need to act with global solidarity for patient safety with vision and realism as our guide.”

Dr Sam Zaramba, WHO Executive Board 2010, and ex-Director General of Health Services, Uganda

APPS provides a framework for action on patient safety that spans the components of a safe health-care system under the umbrella of 12 action areas (agreed by all 46 countries in the WHO African Region). The aim is for a simple, achievable, joined-up approach. APPS is concerned with stimulating action to result in quality and safety improvements that can be rapidly scaled up, building on a solid foundation of partnerships between hospitals across and between countries of the WHO African Region and beyond.

  • Action to strengthen Partnership
    "While African health systems have much to learn about safety, these same systems can also provide the world with some clear insights into how to develop and nurture safe systems. The potential for knowledge and skills to flow from Africa to the world cannot be ignored."
  • Action to implement technical improvements
    "There is no quality without safety, and no safety without quality. Safety is at a virgin state in most of Africa and it is difficult to prioritize patient safety action unless it is explained in terms of how it contributes to systems strengthening.”
  • Action to spread patient safety learning
    “Improvements to make care safer for patients take time and commitment, and I welcome the energy that the APPS partnership hospitals have demonstrated in accepting this challenge. The skills and expertise that each partner brings enriches the body of knowledge for patient safety, not just for APPS, but for all WHO Member States.”