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Patient safety

APPS webinars archive

APPS webinars 2013

APPS hosted a series of open webinars that started in October 2013. These free technical webinars are for anyone interested in patient safety improvement using hospital-to-hospital partnerships.The webinars will also be of use to all those interested in patient safety improvement in the African Region, even if not currently involved in a hospital-to-hospital partnership.

Webinar 1 – APPS Overview and Registration Mechanism
3 October 2013
Lecturer: Shams Syed and Edward Kelley
Summary: This webinar introduces participants to patient safety and the APPS programme as a whole. The webinar covers core patient safety concepts. It also describes how a partnership based approach can be used to improve patient safety. The webinar defines clear mechanisms for engagement with the WHO programme through registration.

Webinar 2 - APPS Improvement Framework
7 November 2013
Lecturer: Shams Syed
Summary: This technical webinar provides information on the APPS Improvement Framework. A range of tools and resources are described in detail. Particular attention is placed on how to undertake a hospital patient safety situational analysis. Partnership planning steps are explained through an examination of the APPS 6-step process.

Webinar 3 - National Patient Safety Policy in the African Region
5 December 2013
Lecturer: Joyce Hightower
Summary: This webinar examines the development of patient safety policy in the African Region. A WHO tool for developing national policy is examined. The policy context in different countries in Africa is described through case studies. Key lessons on how APPS partnerships can catalyze policy change are described.

Webinar 4 - APPS Lessons and Learning for Implementation
9 January 2014
Lecturer: Julie Storr
Summary: This webinar draws on the significant experience in partnership hospitals participating in APPS over the last 4 years. Key lessons are synthesized. Reflections on what these lessons mean for those starting the partnership journey are provided.

Webinar 5 - APPS Community & Patient Engagement (ACE Approach)
6 February 2014
Lecturer: Julie Storr
Summary: This webinar analyses the critical importance of community and patient engagement for patient safety improvement. An overview of the ACE Approach and its associated “Implementation Pack” is provided. Current collaborative activities on patient and community engagement are described.

Webinar 6 - APPS Evaluation Synthesis
6 March 2014
Lecturer: Julie Storr
Summary: This technical webinar will present findings from a summative evaluation from all learning to date from the programme. This includes a careful examination of transferable lessons on utilizing the partnership-based approach, patient safety improvement and national spread of patient safety change.

APPS webinars 2011

Prior to the expansion of the APPS network in 2013, the 1st and 2nd wave APPS partners were supported in their implementation of the 6-step APPS model of change, via an APPS webinar series that went live in 2011. These seven webinars are available as legacy resources to highlight the evolution of the APPS approach.

New members of the APPS network may find them of interest to gain an understanding of the history of the programme.