Patient safety

Sharing feedback to the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist Collaboration

At the core of this effort is the sharing of experiences, results and lessons learned from each participating project. Members of the Collaboration are required to provide feedback throughout the course of their project to allow the greatest advancement in the understanding of the Safe Childbirth Checklist and its implementation strategies.

Minimum feedback - Progress report

Participants in the Collaboration will be expected to provide progress reports every 6 months describing their project’s progress as well as lessons and impact of their specific activity. Please see the following template as a guide to its elaboration.

A final report is also required at the end of the research project.

Supplementary feedback - Key lessons on implementation of the Checklist

Additional materials, tools and lessons from of implementation and testing of the Checklist is encouraged. WHO has set up a collaborative platform, the Safe Childbirth Checklist Collaboration SharePoint, where participants can post comments, propose and participate in discussions, and provide additional feedback.

Exchange forums

Special opportunities for exchanging ideas and experiences will be offered during the course of the Collaboration. WHO will convene participants in the Collaboration either physically or through electronic means on a yearly basis. These encounters will be instrumental to bring together knowledge and expertise around the use of the checklist and to build momentum and a substantive body of evidence to facilitating its wider spread.


WHO will administer compulsory surveys at various times during the Collaboration to gather usability and feasibility data to help WHO better understand the implementation process.