Patient safety

Information Model for Patient Safety (IMPS)

An Information Model for Patient Safety (IMPS) consists of a systematic representation of a knowledge domain, describing their essential constitutive concepts and their relationships. The model thus can be understood in terms of essential data categories and their relationships. It can have several functionalities, including reporting of patient safety incidents, documenting injuries and complications, conducting investigations etc.

Minimal Information Model (MIM) for Patient Safety Incidents

Reporting about the occurrence and consequences of patient safety incidents, or adverse events, is one of the primary objectives of patient safety agencies and healthcare managers aiming to improve patient safety. The IMPS provides a conceptual basis for it. However, because the level of detail in adverse even reports varies from place to place, depending on its intended use and available resources, a possible solution to facilitate flexibility to various contexts may be found by suggesting a selected list of data categories that should be populated as a minimum when reporting patient safety incidents.

This Minimal Information Model or MIM may be seen as the first layer of a fuller local reporting system tailored to its own specific context. In 2014, WHO will initiate a series of field testing aiming to assess the feasibility of using MIM and at building a set of tentative values to facilitate the setting of reporting & learning systems. WHO will be posting new information on this project as it becomes available.