Patient safety

Networks and partnerships

WHO works closely with members of our online Global Patient Safety Network, WHO Collaborating Centres for Patient Safety, NGO's in official and working relations to spread improvements in patient safety.

WHO Global Patient Safety Network

The Global Patient Safety Network is an online platform for key stakeholders to share and discuss ideas, approaches, tools and best practices from around the world, with the aim of improving patient safety. It hosts a repository of resources, including adaptable strategies of low-cost interventions, best practices and key lessons learnt. This network aims to stimulate dialogue, promote continuous learning and creates unique opportunities for contributing to improving patient safety globally, particularly for low- and middle-income countries.

To express interest, please send a message to with your name, job title/organization and reasons for wanting to join.

Key events

WHO Patients for Patient Safety Network

The WHO Patients for Patient Safety Network connects patients, families and health professionals, some of whom have been personally affected by unsafe care. The network members advocate for greater patient and people engagement and empowerment.

Partnerships for Patient Safety

Building sustainable hospital-to-hospital patient safety partnerships has been undertaken by a programme called African Partnerships for Patient Safety. The programme initially focused on partnerships between hospitals in Africa and Europe, but the model and resources are of course applicable to all regions of the world.

WHO Collaborating Centres and NGOs engaged in Patient Safety

Find out more about the WHO Collaborating Centres for Patient Safety and our the nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in official and working relations with WHO’s patient safety programme.