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Learn about how to engage and empower patients, families and the community through our upcoming events and activities.


Access our tools which promote patient, family and community engagement and empowerment. These tools and resources are designed to help patients, families, health-care providers and policy-makers alike.

Our approach

• Raise awareness through collaboration and partnership building
• Identify gaps in evidence and priorities for research
• Empower and engage patients, people and health professionals through workshops and events
• Bring stakeholders together through different initiatives to form partnerships

About us

We aim to:
• facilitate efforts to engage and empower patients, families and communities to play active role of their own care;
• bring the voices of patients to the forefront and centre of health care; and
• create an enabling environment for partnerships between patients, families, communities and health-care providers and policy-makers.


This program aims to incorporate the patient, family and community voice into all levels of health care through engagement and empowerment.

The goal is to advocate and facilitate:

  • Patients taking ownership of their care;
  • Bringing the voices of patients and people to the forefront of health care;
  • Patient, family and community partnerships with health professionals (health-care providers, policy-makers, researchers).
  • 6 July 2016

    Request for Proposals: Consultancy to provide technical support to the patient, family and community engagement initiative

    You are hereby invited to submit a proposal for consultancy to provide technical support on patient, family and community engagement of three technical units, namely Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (PSQ), Services Organization and Clinical Interventions (SCI) and Universal Health Coverage & Quality (QHC) in the Service Delivery and Safety Department. Please see bidding instructions and information below.
    Deadline: 18 July 2016, 17h00 CET.