Patient safety

The research cycle: evaluating impact

Classic studies in patient safety research

The research cycle: evaluating impact

Even when solutions have been shown to work in controlled research settings, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of solutions in real-life settings in terms of their:

  • impact;
  • acceptability; and
  • affordability.
  • Bates
    ppt, 879kb

    Cost analysis
    Bates DW, Spell N, Cullen DJ, et al. The costs of adverse drug events in hospitalized patients. JAMA, 1997, 277:307-311.
  • Khan
    ppt, 728kb

    Cost Identification Analysis
    Khan MM, Celik Y. Cost of nosocomial infection in Turkey: an estimate based on the university hospital data. Health Services Management Research, 2001, 14:49–54.