Patient safety

Pilot site in the Americas Region

Within the Americas Region there are two pilot sites, both in North America:

University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle (UWMC), USA

This 450-bed facility is one of two major teaching hospitals for the University of Washington School of Medicine. The nearly 741 attending physicians at UWMC are also full-time faculty members at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

UWMC is the site of a national clinical research center and other major clinical research programmes. The hospital grew out of the medical school that the university opened in 1946 and is home to the world's first pain center. UWMC was the location of the world's first long-term kidney dialysis, developed by Professor Belding H. Scribner.

University Health Network, Toronto (UHN), Canada

University Health Network consists of Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital.

UHN's surgical programme is one of the largest in Canada, and is comprised of 29 staffed operating rooms, with surgical teams performing more than 25,000 surgeries a year. It offers varied surgical services, including: cardiac, oncology, neuro, orthopaedics, spine, vascular, general, plastics, thoracic, transplant, otolaryngology and opthamology. The surgery programme is based at Toronto General Hospital.

Toronto General Hospital has numerous medical and surgical programme specialties including heart disease, kidney disease, transplantation, eating disorders clinic, tropical disease, women's health, nephrology, immunodeficiency clinic and psychiatry. A busy emergency department treats more than 30,000 patients each year.