Patient safety

Webinar on Safer Primary Care

16 December 2016

As part of the launch of the WHO Technical Series on Safer Primary Care, a webinar was held on 16 December 2016. The webinar was chaired by Sir Liam Donaldson (WHO Envoy for Patient Safety), and more than 75 participants joined the webinar from many different countries across all WHO regions.

The rationale behind the development of the series was presented and reflections on the coordination process were shared. Respective authors introduced each monograph including key concepts, challenges and potential solutions. Practical next steps on implementing the technical series were offered which included the wider dissemination of materials, translations, fostering cooperation and collaborations, increased understanding of local contexts for adaptation and country support. An open floor discussion allowed comments and questions from participants to be addressed by the speakers, notably around the evidence and published materials on causes, strategies for improvement and measures for safer primary care.

The development of the technical series was coordinated by the WHO Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Unit, in the Service Delivery and Safety Department, with contributions from experts around the world.