Patient safety

World Alliance for Patient Safety

The purpose of a world alliance

The creation of the World Alliance for Patient Safety would be a significant step in the struggle to improve the safety of health care in all Member countries. At present no single player has the expertise, funding or research and delivery capabilities to tackle the full range of patient safety issues on a worldwide scale.

The world alliance would provide a mechanism to decrease duplication of investment and activities and benefit by economies of scale. Such an alliance would provide an environment in which major new initiatives could arise that individual partners might not be able or willing to undertake alone. It could become a vehicle for the sharing of knowledge and resources to improve effectiveness. For example, solutions identified and evaluated by one or two members could be adapted for global or multicountry implementation. The establishment of similar alliances in other health care areas has accelerated momentum and attracted support and funding by building a common “brand” that gains legitimacy. Most importantly, such partnerships have reduced unnecessary or detrimental competition between institutions and individuals by coopting potential rivals as members of a single, unified team.

The fundamental purpose of the Alliance would be to facilitate the development of patient safety policy and practice in Member States. This could be achieved through the fulfilment of a number of core functions and other short-term initiatives as set by the Alliance in an annual work programme.