Prevention of blindness and deafness

Primary ear and hearing care

A training resource aimed at managing ear diseases and reducing hearing problems in developing countries

Four training manuals (basic level, intermediate level trainer’s manual, intermediate level student’s workbook, advanced level) equip primary level health workers and communities in developing countries with simple, effective methods to reduce the burden of ear and hearing disorders.
Interactive training provides understanding of ear disease, and basic measures to prevent and manage common conditions and help people use hearing aids effectively.

The training manuals have already been translated and are available for use in French and Spanish. They can be ordered by sending an email to WHOPBD or to Dr S. Chadha

Use of the manuals:

The training manuals have been launched in the following countries by WHO: Nigeria, Kenya, Bukina Faso, Colombia.

The manuals have also been adapted, translated and widely and used by China. India has also undertaken adaptation of the training resource, as part of the activities of India's National Plan for Prevention and Control of Deafness. The basic level resource has also been translated into number of languages within India including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada and Manipuri.

Training manuals:

2. Intermediate level trainer’s manual

Provides tools needed for interactive training of primary level health workers in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common ear diseases and hearing impairment.

3. Intermediate level student’s workbook

The same framework as the trainer's manual enables each student understand and apply the knowledge and skills required for primary ear and hearing care.

4. Advanced level

Reinforces and extends previous learning so as to prevent, detect, diagnose, manage and rehabilitate ear and hearing disorders effectively at the primary level.


Fact file

Facts about hearing loss, its causes, and prevention.

Photo gallery

Photos of people living with hearing impairment.

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Stories of people living with hearing impairment.

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