Prevention of blindness and deafness

WHO-ITU Consultation on Make Listening Safe initiative

A WHO-ITU consultation on the Make Listening Safe initiative will be held at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland on 7-8 February 2018 with the objectives to:

  • Review the progress made in different areas of the initiative
  • Review and refine the proposed standards for safe listening devices
  • Determine dissemination strategy for standards and safe listening messages
  • Advance the development of a research protocol
  • Outline process for development of a regulatory framework for control recreational sound exposure

Participants will include experts in the field of audiology, otology, public health, epidemiology, acoustics, sound engineering; member organizations of ITU; standardization organizations; NGOs, professional bodies and consumer groups.

Concept note

Report from previous consultation

Background documents

Presentations from previous consultation

1- Opening session

2- Standards for personal audio devices

3- Exposure limits

4- Safe Listening software application

5- The International year of sound: 2019

6- Health Communication

7- Research protocol for assessment of hearing loss due to recreational noise exposure

Photographs from previous consulation

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