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Course on "Methodology in Bioelectromagnetics Research"

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This course has been designed to introduce young scientists to the subject of Bioelectromagnetics research and presents physics to the biologists and biology to the physicists. It should also be useful to teachers and the general public.

The content is based in part on different courses (e.g. Erice course on "Mechanisms of interaction between electromagnetic fields and biological systems, November 2006). It aims to provide the foundations of the experimental (rather than epidemiological) approach in the context of health risk assessment and exposure standard setting. The course spans across the whole EMF spectrum (from DC to millimetre waves).

It has been developed by Professor B. Veyret of the University of Bordeaux, France. Comments regarding the course can be sent to emfproject@who.int

Static and extremely low frequency (ELF) fields

This presentation reviews our current state of knowledge of fields that are either static or have a frequency below 300 Hz. These frequencies are particularly important from a public health standpoint because of their widespread use for the generation and transmission of electrical power.