Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Meetings 2001-2003

Summaries & proceedings from meetings held during 2001 to 2003 inclusive:

Americas regional seminar on bioeffects & WHO EMF Standards Harmonization

7-9 March 2001
Lima, Peru

WHO EMF Standards Harmonization - Eastern European

28 April-3 May 2001
Varna, Bulgaria

WHO Workshop - Selection bias in EMF - Childhood leukaemia epidemiologic studies

27-28 July 2001
Whistler, British Columbia

European Bioelectromagnetic Association (EBEA)

6-8 September 2001
Helsinki, Finland

WHO meeting on EMF Biological effects & Standards Harmonization in Asia & Oceania

22-24 October 2001
Seoul, Repulic of Korea

WHO/ICNIRP Conference on EMF Biological effects & WHO Standards Harmonization for the African region, & WHO RF Reseach Coordination meeting

4-7 December 2001
Cape Town, South Africa

3rd International Conference: Electromagnetic Fields & Human Health

17-25 September 2002
Moscow & St Petersburg, Russian Federation

2nd International Workshop on Biological Effects of EMF

7-11 October 2002
Rhodes, Greece

Application of the Precautionary Principle to EMF

24-26 February 2003
European Commission, Luxembourg

3rd International EMF Seminar in China

13-17 October 2003
Guilin, China

International Conference on Non-Ionizing Radiation

20-23 October 2003
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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