Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

WHO workshop on Developing and implementing protective measures for ELF EMF

20-21 June 2007
Geneva, Switzerland

Background, agenda and rapporteur's report


  • To describe the scientific background and sustained uncertainty that underpins the recommendations for low-cost protective measures in the Environmental Health Criteria N°238 on Extremely Low Frequency fields.
  • To provide a public health perspective with health economics arguments
  • To review residential sources of ELF and the types and costs of mitigation measures to reduce field exposure
  • To review different national policies in a view to assist governments and other stakeholders in developing practical and effective policy measures
  • To discuss the cost and feasibility of different options, including other factors (e.g. land cost, land scale, economical development, public concerns, energy demands)
  • To assist governments in communicating on this issue with the public, including stakeholder consultation methods


Rapporteur's report

Venue details

Centre International de Conférences, Genève (CICG)
Rue de Varembé 17
1211 Genève 20