Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

What is the International EMF Project?

Project objectives

Key objectives of the Project are to:

  • provide a coordinated international response to concerns about possible health effects of exposure to EMF,
  • assess the scientific literature and make a status report on health effects,
  • identify gaps in knowledge needing further research to make better health risk assessments,
  • encourage a focused research programme in conjunction with funding agencies,
  • incorporate the research results into WHO's Environmental Health Criteria monographs where formal health risk assessments will be made on exposure to EMF,
  • facilitate the development of internationally acceptable standards for EMF exposure,
  • provide information on the management of EMF protection programmes for national and other authorities, including monographs on EMF risk perception, communication and management, and
  • provide advice to national authorities, other institutions, the general public and workers, about any hazards resulting from EMF exposure and any needed mitigation measures.

Last update:

4 August 2016 17:51 CEST