Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Organization structure

The EMF Project secretariat

The Project is managed from the WHO Radiation and Environmental Health unit in Geneva by the Head of the Radiation Programme. The Secretariat facilitates all activities and provides regular reports to the International Advisory Committee and contributors to the Project. WHO Regional Offices participate where possible and facilitate communications with countries in their regions.

WHO staff provide coordination and project management and are available to respond to enquiries. They organize and conduct review group meetings, key research meetings, prepare and publish reports and brochures, organize the preparation and publication of monographs and scientific reports, assist with the preparation and conduct of training programmes (particularly in developing countries), and arrange for consultants, collaborating agencies and key institutions to prepare material as required.

WHO staff scientists, consultants and collaborating agencies prepare the initial reports for review by the expert review group meetings. Each expert group meeting report contains a critical review of the relevant scientific literature, the status of research conducted so far, and identification of gaps in knowledge for encouraging any further research needed for improving health or environmental risk assessments. The updated and amended reports are published as WHO proceedings or topical reports and, where appropriate, in the international scientific peer-reviewed literature.

Information obtained from expert group review meetings is used by WHO staff to draft information brochures, guidance for public and occupational health programs, training material, up-dates on current research and similar information for widespread dissemination.

For further information please contact:

Radiation and Environmental Health
World Health Organization
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Tel: +41 22 791 4976
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Email: emfproject@who.int

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