Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Organization structure

The Standards Harmonization Committee

The concern

Disparities in EMF standards around the world arise from political and scientific inputs. Different interpretations of the scientific data that underlie the standards and using different philosophies for public health protection are major reasons for these disparities. In addition there can be differences in the way scientists in various geographical regions interpret risk data.


The EMF project established an ad hoc committee to review the problem of different EMF standards, compiled a listing of existing standards world wide, draft model legislation and work towards harmonizing standards as much as is possible.


Meetings of this ad hoc committee are open to scientists who assist national authorities to draft standards, participants at regional scientific meetings and others interested in EMF standards. Representatives of national authorities form working groups to provide input to the framework for EMF standards.


  • Compilation of current EMF standards world wide
  • Framework for drafting national EMF standards
  • Model legislation that national authorities can use for EMF protection measures