Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

International Organizations


International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

Within IARC, the Unit of Radiation and Cancer studies the carcinogenic effects of radiations as a function of exposure pattern, radiation type, and host and environmental effect modifiers.

The aim of this work is to strengthen the bases of radiation protection and to increase our understanding of biological mechanisms of carcinogenesis. The major activity of the unit in the EMF field is the conduct of the INTERPHONE Study, a multinational case-control study of the risk of brain tumours, acoustic neurinoma and parotid gland tumours in relation to RF exposure from mobile telephones.

For further information on EMF activities in IARC contact:

Dr E Cardis
Chief, Unit of Radiation and Cancer
International Agency for Research on Cancer
150, Cours Albert Thomas
F-69372 Lyon, Cedex 08, France
Tel: +33 4 72 73 85 08
Fax: +33 4 72 73 80 54
E-mail: Cardis@iarc.fr
Internet: http://www.iarc.fr


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