Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

International Organizations


North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has A Third Dimension that seeks to encourage interaction between peoples, to consider the challenges facing our modern society and to foster development of Science and Technology. NATO continues to encourage and support scientific projects concerning Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR) effects on personnel.

Protection of personnel through development of safety standards is an ongoing activity of two NATO Military Agency for Standardization (MAS) working groups. The General Medical and the Radio and Radar Hazards Working Groups have both recognized the need for continued research and communication of the scientific knowledge on NIR biological and health effects and formally established liaison with the WHO EMF Project in June 1997.

The NATO Research and Technology Organization (R&T O) AC/323 Human Factors and Medicine Panel began a three-year project on Health Effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation in the Military Setting in September 1997. The broad multinational composition of both the WHO EMF Project and the NATO activities in NIR should enhance international interaction and facilitate coordination of research agendas for NIR.

For more information about NATO activities in EMF contact:

Dr B. Jon Klauenberg
NATO Technical Liaison for NIR
United States Air Force Research Laboratory
Human Effectiveness Directorate
Directed Energy Bioeffects Division
Radio Frequency Radiation Branch
8308 Hawks Rd
Brooks Air Force Base
TX 78235-5368
Tel: +1 210-536-4837
Fax: +1 210-536-3977
E-mail: b.jon.klauenberg@brooks.af.mil


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