Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Research agenda


Because of the scientific questions and the public concern regarding the potential health effects from electromagnetic fields (EMF), several countries have funded research programmes and, in some cases, set up foundations to sponsor studies relating to this topic.

To avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and to make sure that all important questions are being studied, research coordination on a global level is important. To that end, the International EMF Project, in collaboration with major national and multinational research funding institutions, has been providing such an umbrella for worldwide coordination and exchange of information about planned and ongoing projects.

Many large research funding agencies use the WHO Research Agendas as a basis for their funding research. Since 1997 over $200million of funding for research has been conducted to complete these Agendas.

Image of cover for the 2010 RF Reserach Agenda

Radio frequency (RF) fields research agenda

Extremely low frequency (ELF) fields research agenda

Static fields research agenda