Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

EMF research databases

Germany's EMF-Portal

The EMF-Portal (www.emf-portal.org) is a scientific literature database on the effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields on human health and biological systems. This open-access website is operated by the Research Center for Bioelectromagnetic Interaction (femu), part of the Institute of Occupational Medicine, RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

The EMF-Portal is, worldwide, the most comprehensive scientific literature database on biological and health-related effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (frequency range 0-300 GHz) with unrestricted access. As of April 2015, the database included a total of approx. 21,000 scientific paper entries and other relevant publications (e.g. laws, recommendations, and guidelines) that can be found by a sophisticated search tool. Detailed summaries of the biomedical content exist for more than 4,800 articles.

Users of the EMF-Portal can get additional information via the extensive directly text-linked glossary (2,900 entries), graphical and tabular overviews on specific research topics, and a database of electromagnetic field emitting sources. The web portal will be of use to, equally, scientists, politicians, physicians, lawyers, journalists, and the general public. On request, femu provides tailored packages or lists of EMF literature, serving specific needs of international working groups and committees.